First full week

Wow, our year is off to a great start.  All of the students are getting back into the routines and we’re having some great conversations along the way!  I know that a lot of questionnaires were returned today, thanks!  It would be very helpful to have all of the questionnaires back if you haven’t had an opportunity.  I know things are extremely busy so I appreciate your support.

Our class spent a bit of time at the computers last week and we got ourselves set up to use the Science moodles that I spent a lot of the summer working on.  I showed students 3 main sites:

  1. Student webmail – Students have an email address that will stay with them during their entire public schooling experience.
  2. Nova Scotia Virtual School site – Moodle central 🙂 – uses the student’s email username and password
  3. Owncloud – an amazing resource that has been developed and housed on DOE Ednet servers that uses the student’s email username and password – look for the Link of the month to the right for a more complete description in the coming days.

Have a great Monday,


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