A few tidbits…

There are a few miscellaneous items that I wanted to let you know about, so here they are…

  1. Parent-teacher conferences – UPDATE – It was decided by the school administration to have all teachers conduct 15 minute parent-teacher conferences; therefore, I will not be conducting parent-teacher-student conferences.  I am sending home the scheduled conference times in report cards tomorrow.  These conferences are for parents only at this time.
  2. Report Cards – Please return the report card envelope and signed comment sheet as soon as possible.  The report card is for you to keep at home.
  3. Scholastic – Scholastic book orders are going home tomorrow and orders are due on Monday.  If you wish to order books as a xmas gift, please send me the order in an envelope with a note and I will call you when the order arrives.  In order for the orders to arrive before school is out, I will be placing the order strictly Monday after school.
  4. Magazine campaign – Our class pig, Breakfast, participated in the pig race today.  Breakfast made a good showing but ended up placing 2nd.  I was very pleased with the behaviour of our class.  Félicitations!
  5. Chim – Unfortunately, Chim (our class frog) died yesterday.  He was buried today.

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