Writing unit – Research Project

We are well are our way in our next writing unit – the research project.  Over the next month, we will be completing a research project in French.  All students were given the opportunity to choose their own topic, providing that we had some texts in the classroom to support researching the topic.  We have quite the range of topics – from turtles to gladiators to the human body to Newfoundland and everything in between. 🙂  All topic information must be in French to avoid the difficulties in translating.  We have been quite fortunate to find several resources for each research subject. Here are the rubrics that we are using to assess Note-taking/Paraphrasing and the Research Project.  As with any major project, we have periodic deadlines to keep us on track.  Here is our timeline:

  • Choose topic – done!
  • Create categories to research – done!
  • Take notes using books & web resources – Thursday, December 20
  • Organize notes into paragraphs & write draft paragraphs – Wednesday, January 9
  • Revise paragraphs – Monday, January 14
  • Type 2nd draft copy – Thursday, January 17
  • Edit paragraphs – Monday, January 21
  • Publish research project – Friday, January 25

The focus of this research project is both the process and the product.  I will be assessing for the process throughout our writing unit and the product at the end of the unit.  As completion dates arrive, it would be helpful to ask your child where they are in the process so that they can stay on track.  Students may need to complete some work at home to stay with the timeline; however, adequate time will be provided at school.


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