Welcome back & Hand sanitizer needed

I hope that everyone had a great winter break.  The students are back and working hard.  We are in the middle of several projects and things are going well.  Our deadline for writing the first draft of research project paragraphs is Friday and most students are already at that goal.

The new year is a great time to make goals with your children as it is a time of new beginnnings.  Goals do not have to be academic in nature, they can include behaviours, attitudes, work ethic, quality of participation, etc.  If you’d like to discuss any areas of possible growth with me, please feel free to request a meeting or just send me an email.

The main reason for my post today is that we are well into « sick season » and most of our class is sick.  My supply of waterless hand sanitizer has run out and we would like to replenish our supply in our classroom.  If anyone has a bottle of hand sanitizer that they could donate to the classroom, I (and the students) would be grateful.  The only condition is that it has to be scent-free to comply with our school policy and my own sensitivities.  Thanks in advance!


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