Wow, time certainly has flown!  While March Break is coming up quickly, there are a number of dates and item of which you need to be aware:

  • Report cards – These went home on Thursday, Feb. 28 and the following items are due back: envelope, parent-teacher form, comment form.  Basically, everything except the report card.
  • Skating – Permission form and $5 are due asap.  Our next skating time is Wednesday, March 6 at 11:00-12:00.  Any help lacing skates would be greatly appreciated.
  • Class Income Taxes – Due to our snow day on Friday, I am pushing the due date for income taxes until Wednesday, March 6.  I have already communicated this to the class but I wanted to let everyone know.
  • Class Store – We will be having our class store on Thursday morning, March 7.
  • Parent-teacher meetings – Meeting times will be sent home on Tuesday, March 5.  If you have chosen the parent-teacher-student option, you will receive a brief questionnaire to complete prior to our meeting.  Meetings will take place on Thursday, March 7.

Just in case I don’t send out another post this week, have a great and safe March Break!


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