This week’s homework

Just to let you know – Students have homework this week but it is not in their homework folders.  They need to finish memorizing their speeches so I’m allowing time in homework for this.  Also, their dictée on Wednesday will be on the same content (le passé récent) but with different pronouns and sentence choice.  Students, as always, need to be reading and completing their reading log.


Milk Sport Fair

Milk Sport Fair permission form is going home tomorrow for us to attend the Milk Sport Fair on May 1, 2013.  This event is located very close to school – at the Apple Dome.  The entrance costs are being graciously covered so there is no added cost to the event.  We are looking for 2-3 adults to help with supervision.  Please indicate on your child’s permission form if you are available.  Forms are due back on May 1 and alternate arrangements will be made for those who do not have permission to go.


It seems to have taken a long time for me to get this post together.  I’ve thought of it often but…. 🙂  We are nearing the end of our speech writing unit and the students are doing wonderfully.  Below you will find the speech writing rubric as well as the presentation rubric that I will be using to evaluate students’ work:

We will be working to memorize our speeches over the next few days.  Students are permitted to use up to 2 flashcards, written on one side, to support their speech presentation.  We will be presenting on May 1 at 10:25 am in the Family Studies room.  Any parents or interested family members are invited to attend.  As each speech is 2-3 minutes long, I expect that the presentation will last approximately 1 hour.


Math Fact Masters

Félicitations!  Braxton and Kyle have mastered their subtraction facts and have now moved to multiplication facts.  Chloe and Marin have mastered their multiplication facts and will now work on their division facts.  Curran, Kaelen and McKayla have mastered their division facts and have now mastered all four operations.  Congratulations to all students for continuing their progress. Well done!


Wow, time certainly has flown!  While March Break is coming up quickly, there are a number of dates and item of which you need to be aware:

  • Report cards – These went home on Thursday, Feb. 28 and the following items are due back: envelope, parent-teacher form, comment form.  Basically, everything except the report card.
  • Skating – Permission form and $5 are due asap.  Our next skating time is Wednesday, March 6 at 11:00-12:00.  Any help lacing skates would be greatly appreciated.
  • Class Income Taxes – Due to our snow day on Friday, I am pushing the due date for income taxes until Wednesday, March 6.  I have already communicated this to the class but I wanted to let everyone know.
  • Class Store – We will be having our class store on Thursday morning, March 7.
  • Parent-teacher meetings – Meeting times will be sent home on Tuesday, March 5.  If you have chosen the parent-teacher-student option, you will receive a brief questionnaire to complete prior to our meeting.  Meetings will take place on Thursday, March 7.

Just in case I don’t send out another post this week, have a great and safe March Break!

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