Club Extraordinaire

This is a club for students who are interested in achieving « above and beyond » the normal classroom expectations. All you have to do is learn all about the topic and then come and tell Mme Muggridge the answers during recess time or after school. All answers must be given in French.

If you make a mistake you cannot give your answers again until the next day. You can be a 1 star member, all the way up to a 125 star member! Once you get 20 stars you will be officially inducted as a Club Extraordinaire Master (Maître du Club Extraordinaire)!

List of Club Extraordinaire Challenges
Club Extraordinaire – Word
Club Extraordinaire – PDF

You may notice that not every challenge has a web link to help with the research.  If you discover a site that is particularly helpful, I would love to hear about it.  It may even replace a current link.

Check out 2012-2013 Club Extraordinaire members here.

Check out Mme Muggridge’s Club Extraordinaire Masters!  Once a student earns a place as a Club Extraordinaire Master, his or her name stays on the list until I retire!

This idea was created from Mrs. Renz’ Mastery Club.
Thanks so much to her for creating and sharing this concept!


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