Détails de l’économie

Payday will happen on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month.  Students will be paid in classroom cash. Students earn income through on-time, all day attendance at a rate of $3/day.  On-time means in the classroom ready to begin the day by the time O’ Canada starts.  The only exception to this rule will be late school buses.

The Banque de 5/6M will be open on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month during payday.  Students will have the choice to keep their money in their kits or deposit the money in the bank.  There are pros and cons to both choices and we will explore these at the beginning of the year.  While students may always withdrawal their money at a later date, the bank will only be open on paydays so planning will need to happen.

To get a feel for how income and expenses work, students will pay a monthly rent on the 1st school day each month.  The total rent is $45 which includes workspace, computer use, library use, water/sewer and electricity.  Once a month the rent collectors collect fees and check off who has paid.

It may arise that a student does not have sufficient funds to pay their bills due to penalties.  If this occurs, the student will pay with recess minutes what they do not have in classroom cash.  As always, students have the ability to earn bonus money through the opportunities listed below.

Paid positions
While all students have jobs for which they are responsible for as being part of our classroom, there are jobs that go above and beyond these responsibilities.  These jobs will be paid positions:

  • Les banquiers (2) – 50$
  • Les caissiers (2) – 50$
  • Les receveurs des loyers (2) – 30$
  • L’organisateur des feuilles (1) – 20$/semaine
  • Le distributeur des corrections (1) – 20$/semaine
  • Le photographe (1) – 30$
  • Le placeur des feuilles (3) – 10$
  • L’affirmation (1) – 10$/semaine
  • Le porteur de l’argent (2) – 10$/semaine
  • Le suppléant (2) – 5$/semaine

As in the real world, there are penalties for not meeting specific expectations.  In our classroom economy, there will be two items that will be eligible to be penalized:

  • speaking English during French time – 5$/10$/20$/etc. progressively (if incidents occur during the same day)
  • classroom cleanup job not completed well – 1$

Bonus opportunities
I definitely want to acknowledge students who go the extra mile in and out of school.  To this end, there are a variety of opportunities for bonus money to be earned.  These are voluntary for all students; however, I always encourage my students to challenge themselves.

Income Tax
Prior to school breaks in December, March and June, students add up all their cash and money in their bank account.  It’s time to pay their classroom taxes.  A special thanks to Mr. Brent Coley who created  tax forms that he uses with his students.  He gave me permission to customize these forms for our classroom economy.

Students compute their itemized deductions, fill out a W-2, read the tax table, and file their tax return.  All forms can be found below.  Taxes need to be filed at Banque de 5/6M on or before the due date to avoid a penalty.  Just like in the real world, students have the opportunity to deduct certain « expenses » to reduce their taxes owed.  They also have the choice on each payday to withhold money to go toward their taxes.

Class store/Auction
At the end of December and March, we will open our class store.  This will allow an opportunity for students to purchase items with their money and/or save their money for a larger purchase later in the year.  At the end of June, we will hold an auction and a store for students to make purchases.  Items at all events will be garage sale type items and things students have donated.  Games, bike locks, school supplies, movie passes, ice cream coupons, and dinner-out coupons from local restaurants are just some possibilities.  I would be greatly appreciative of any donations made to these events.  I will be collecting items all year.

If parents are willing to help keep the class store stocked for shopping days, here are some items we will sell in the class store:

  • small toys
  • stickers
  • books
  • erasers
  • games
  • dollar store items
  • gently used items

Term 1 dates: September 6, 2012-November 30, 2012

Term 2 dates: December 3, 2012- March 1, 2013

Term 3 dates: March 4, 2013-June 14, 2013


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