Les olympiques de lecture

Les olympiques de lecture is yet another bonus money opportunity in our classroom economy for students.  There are 4 levels: Olympian, Bronze, Silver, & Gold.  Each level has 5 different reading response activities with each activity worth $75.  In order for an activity to qualify for $75, it must successfully attain « On Target » levels on the rubric for Les olympiques according to book information, neatness, creativity, and information.  Upon completion of a level (having completed all 5 activities), the student will also be awarded an additional $100.

This opportunity is designed for one activity per novel; however, an especially long book may qualify for more than one activity.  These must be approved by Mme Muggridge prior to activity completion.

Off to the races!  Striving for excellence!

Olympics Documents:

Thanks to the Teaching in Room 6 blog for providing information about this idea.


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