Math facts

These students have shown a mastery of their addition math facts (up to 9+9).  Mastery of math facts is considered to be responding (correctly, of course:) ) within 3-seconds.  Twice weekly, usually, students do a test of math facts.  As they receive 33 out of 36 (or higher) two times in a row, they progressively move through addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts.  Each student knows where they are.  The goal is always improvement.  If a student is continually improving their knowledge each time, they will eventually succeed at mastering the math facts.

Test de multiplication
Test de multiplication – Réponses

Test de division
Test de division – Réponses

Further practice of math facts can be found at our class ikeepbookmarks site found under Des liens Internet in the sidebar.  There are a lot of great game sites that practice math facts; however, they should not substitute deliberate, focused practice.


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