Diagrammes de lecture

Here are the reading graphs that accompany each month of reading. They should be completed daily to ensure accurate data collection. Each graph is due the first school day of the next month. For example, the September reading graph is due the first school day of October. I will send home October’s reading graph just prior to the beginning of October.

The graph types are part of our math curriculum and they will be discussed throughout the year.  Students are encouraged to make notes about each graph type to help them successfully create the graph of their reading minutes.  Each reading graph should contain the following data elements: le mode, la moyenne, l’étendue, la médiane, and 2 questions that can be responded to using the data in the graph. We will complete these elements in school for the September & October graphs.  Completion of these elements for the remaining graphs are part of the homework program.

La lecture en septembre

La lecture en octobre

La lecture en novembre

La lecture en décembre

La lecture en janvier

La lecture en février

La lecture en mars

La lecture en avril

La lecture en mai

While reading should continue in June and throughout the summer, no reading log is completed for June.


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