Maître du Club Extraordinaire

Félicitations to Jaden for being the latest Maître of our class Club Extraordinaire.  He has completed 20 challenges as part of our Club Extraordinaire and will be added to our « wall » outside of our classroom in the upcoming days.  His name will stay on the wall until I retire.  Please visit the Maître du Club Extraordinaire page to see the students who accepted the challenge to go above and beyond.  Well done, Jaden!


Math Fact Masters

Félicitations!  McKayla and Kaelen have mastered their multiplication facts and are now working on their division facts.  Victoria has mastered her division facts and have now mastered all four operations.  Well done!


Lately many students have been having issues succeeding with their dictée.  Please check with your child every week to find out how they are doing.  Students receiving grades 3 and 4 are doing well while grades 1 and 2 need more focused work.  Dictée takes place every Wednesday and is corrected for Thursday.  When I check with students who are not doing well, they consistently tell me the same thing – they are not practicing 10 minutes every day.  This is part of the homework program and is vital to help your child’s writing and French language learning.  Thank you for your support!

Published Authors

As you probably already know, we are in the middle of publishing a set of outrageous stories with Studentreasures.  This company is amazing!  They will take our writing and publish it in a hardbound book that is professional grade, FREE OF CHARGE.  Here’s the only catch – every student needs to bring back an order form even if no copies are being ordered.  Simply check no at the bottom of the form and sign.  Every family has the opportunity to purchase a copy (or more) for $19.95 each.  I need all of the forms back by Friday, February 8th so that I can send it to Studentreasures to be on time for our press date.  This is a great chance to buy a gift for family members who are hard to buy for or as a keepsake for future years.  We are having a great time putting it together and hope everyone will enjoy it.

New class pet

As you know, our class lost our class pet a few months ago.  Since that time, students have been requesting that we get another class pet.  It is certainly a great way to encourage care-taking and empathy in students.  I looked into a number of students’ suggestions (turtle, iguana, horse!, gecko).  Based on the suggestion of the pet store worker, a leopard gecko is the best choice.

The class discussed it and voted that they would like to get a leopard gecko.  After brainstorming possibilities, each student decided to contribute $5.00 to help purchase the leopard gecko and necessary accessories.  To date, over half the class has brought in their contribution.  We hope to get our new class pet (name yet to be decided) sometime in the very near future. 🙂

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