Absenteeism Guidelines

While it is recognized that a student’s education is augmented through world experiences, it must also be acknowledged that a student misses academic content when they are not present to participate in classroom activities.  Many of these activities are not able to be reproduced as they involve particular manipulatives and/or many students.  To this end, students are responsible to check in with me regarding missed work as well as to pick up missed work from the folder located behind the main door.

Daily Must-Haves

I encourage all of the students to pack their schoolbags in the evening so that they don’t forget anything for school.  Please encourage your children to make sure that they have the following items at school every day:

  1. Black Back and Forth bag
    • Agenda book
    • Homework (if applicable)
  2. Gym clothes (including deodorant) – All students are expected to change for every gym class.
  3. Check agenda for possible other items.

Continent Groups

The class is divided into six of the seven continent groups.  We will use these groups quite a bit over the year as organizational groupings.

Afrique: Claire, Maddy

Océanie: Katie

Amérique du Nord: Kaelen, Jamie, Jacob

Amérique du Sud: Victoria, Emily

Asie: Connor

Europe: Jaden, Aidan, Kelsey, Curran


If you would like to place an order, please complete and cut out the form on the back of the flyer, and return it to me by the date indicated on the class calendar.  Payment needs to be made in the form of a cheque made payable to Scholastic Canada.

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