I found this great article on my travels through the internet.  I would highly recommend it to all parents.  Organization is a skill that is a struggle for most children.  This includes organization at school, at home and between home and school.

Ten Ways to Help Your Child Get Organized

I just came across an extremely interesting article differentiating between empower children and enabling them.  It is certainly a thought-provoking article.  I hope you take the time to read through it and think about any possible application in your relationship with your children.


This article emphasizes the importance of successful strategies at home to support your child’s success at school.

Success at School Begins at Home

A child’s sense of personal responsibility will travel with them to adulthood and beyond.  It is the ability to accept responsibility for one’s own actions, whether inappropriate behavior or returning items late.  This is an important life skill that can, and should be, explicitly taught at school and at home.

Personal Responsibility


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